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I am interested in exciting and challenging ways to apply my technical and military knowledge and develop myself as an individual.

I currently work in the Royal Navy as teaching SONAR and inertial navigation at phase 2 and 3 training establishment HMS Collingwood. Previously I have worked as a weapons engineering section officer on HM Submarines.

I have previously worked for the MOD at the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, Fort Halstead in London. Here I provided SME technical engineering support and advice to our military and government customers. I have a keen interest in the investigation and development of electronic and RF systems for military applications and have first-hand experience in military RF communications and countermeasure systems.

I am interested in new ways to apply and develop my skills from DSTL and the RN. Specifically technical but also leadership and communication; my work involves briefing and advising senior military officers on technical issues and managing experiments and trials. I also enjoy working in a team; my most challenging and enjoyable experiences from the university were while I was part of expedition teams working in Sri Lanka and Ethiopia.

I have a keen interest in the investigation and development of new concepts such as MSPSR that I investigated in my undergraduate thesis. I am also interested in digital signal processing, FPGA design, algorithm design, MATLAB, and system design.

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